Easy Assembly

Our corrugated boxes and lids are easy to assemble. If you ever need help assembling one of our boxes or lids, feel free to contact us anytime.

Box Assembly

boxes shipped flat

Shipped flat

Our boxes will arrive at the destination of your choice folded flat.

fold down top sides to form a container lip

Step 1

Expand the box and refold it so the open corners of the top sides are opposite each other, then crease and fold down those top sides of the box.

box assembly flap 1

Step 2

Open the carton fully and fold down the #1 flap.

fold down flap #2 across the container

Step 3

Fold down the #2 flap.

box assembly flap 3

Step 4

Insert the #3 flap into the nearest cutout on the #2 flap. (On the 3-gallon container, the #3 flap folds across the #2 flap.)

box assembly flap 3

Step 5

Insert the #4 flap into the remaining cutout on the #2 flap. (The 3-gallon container only has one cutout.)

Step 6

Check inside the box to make sure flaps #2 and #3 are lying flat, and #1 flap is forming a good seal on the bottom of the container.

Lid Assembly

boxes shipped flat

Step 1

The lids will come shipped flat. Gently crease all scores on the lid.

fold full-length panels and tuck side panels into the tuck-in nooks

Step 2

Fold up length panels and tuck side panels into the little tuck-in nooks.

Assembled Box

assembled bulk ice cream container

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