Our Story

We know the ice cream business.

We Know Ice Cream

The ice cream business is our specialty. For nearly forty years, the people behind RAPAMAR have been making, retailing, and supplying most everything an ice cream business needs from ice cream to boxes. RAPAMAR is our container business.

We offer business consulting to ice cream business owners and managers.

Your Partners in Business

We don’t just sell things; we also consult. There aren’t many things we haven’t seen or experienced in over 40 years in business. If you have a question, need advice, or want a full-blown business consultation, we can help.

We know the ice cream business.

Start Small, Grow Great

We were the little guy once. ​Starting small and growing has allowed us to be very flexible with our customers. When you call us, you are speaking with the owner. Family members will be packing your order. And when you are in a bind, we can quickly figure a solution.​
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